MCE can work with you to provide custom design, or customization of existing designs to meet your specific requirements.

Our personnel have experience in:

  • Drive Modules

  • Transfers Flow

  • Winches

  • Pulleys

  • FEA Analysis

  • Tripper / Booster Drives

  • Conveyor Structure & Frames

  • Structural Steel

  • Electrical Systems & Control

Design Services


MCE adopt a combination of in house and contract manufacture to provide product to the highest standards of quality at the lowest possible cost to the end user. All equipment manufactured by MCE, is engineering certified to the relevant standards, and comes with a manufacturers data report, to ensure material and component history can be tracked through the entire manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Services


MCE personnel can provide complete system design to ensure safe, reliable operation of all your plant and machinery. Some of the equipment and fields we have designed, manufactured & commissioned are listed below:

Mining Substations

Remote Marshalling Panels

1000V Belt Starters

  • VVVF winch drives

  • PLC & SCADA Development

  • Belt  Safety Systems

Electrical Services

Equipment Overhaul

We offer single point service for equipment overhaul with capabilities in mechanical, structural and electrical repairs. We are able to function test drives up to 600KW(unloaded), with 1000V supply facility. We have quality systems implemented to offer full equipment tracability and history, as well as providing a full overhaul report at the completion giving peace of mind the equipment will perform reliably in service.

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Equipment Overhaul Services

Site Support

We offer support  for our customers through all phases of product life, from installation, through to decommissioning, with technical support personnel available to assist you on site as required.

Site Support Services